After Hours

Night-time (After-Hours) Calls

After office hours, calls should be made only for emergencies or urgent problems that can’t wait until morning.   Calls about mild illnesses can usually wait until the next morning.  After office hours, your call will be received by an answering service and transferred to the physician/nurse practitioner or nurse on-call.  The physician will usually return your call within 15 minutes.  If you do not receive a call back within 1 hour in a non-emergency situation, please call again.  While you are waiting for the call back, please keep your line open and make the answering service aware if you have a block on your phone.  These obstacles will delay the promptness of returning your call.

Please DO NOT call the on-call physician for prescriptions.  The after hours physician will give you suggestions for the medical management of your child, but usually will be unable to call prescriptions in since he/she has not examined your child. 

If you feel your child has an urgent problem, you can reach the on-call physician by calling 1-877-831-5415

There is a $13 fee for any calls made to the after-hours service that are not truly an emergency. 

Weekend and Holiday Calls

There is always a physician on call when our office is closed.  During these times, if you feel your child has a problem that cannot wait until regular office hours, contact the after hours calls service.  After office hours, please limit calls to emergencies or other urgent problems that can’t wait until morning.

Please have the following information available when you call (except in emergencies):

•    Your child’s main symptoms
•    Any chronic disease or health problems your child has
•    Your child’s temperature if he or she is sick
•    Your child’s approximate weight (for medication dosage)
•    The names and dosages of any medicines your child is taking. 
•    Your pharmacy’s telephone number
•    Your questions (it’s a good idea to write them down)
Always have a pencil and paper handy to take down instructions, and have your child nearby in case you need to check something about his or her condition.  

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