• We value the time we have set aside to see and treat your child.
  • We do not double book appointments.
  • If you are not able to keep an appointment, we require a 24-hour notice.

The physician and staff are scheduled around your child’s appointment and their time is lost if the appointment is missed or canceled late.

  • There is a charge of $25.00 missed appointments. Please be aware that your insurance company WILL NOT COVER THESE CHARGES, therefore this will be your responsibility.

Please arrive early for your appointment. Please remember that all insurances require that your information be updated prior to each visit.

  • Bring your insurance card to every visit

If you are late for your appointment (>15 minutes), we will do our best to accommodate you. However, on certain days it may be necessary to reschedule your appointment. Please be aware that other patients that arrive on time for their appointments will be seen first.

  • We strive to minimize any wait time; however, emergencies do occur and will take priority over a scheduled visit. We appreciate your understanding.

Well Visit Appointment Policy

Because of the length of visit, siblings will not be scheduled on the same day without prior approval by Dr. Campanelli, based on individual circumstances.

Before making an annual physical appointment, check with your insurance company as to whether the visit will be covered as a healthy (well-child) visit

Sick Visit Appointment Policy

These types of appointments are scheduled the same/next day, based on 1st available appointment. Walk-ins are discouraged since this will likely prolong your wait time. If you have more than one child that needs seen, please notify us by phone, before coming to the office.

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